Stranger Things co-op game coming from CMON in 2023

I’m a big fan of Stranger Things and news broke recently that a new Stranger Things cooperative board game, designed by Rob Daviau (co-designer of Pandemic Legacy and Cthulhu Death May Die) and published by CMON (Zombicide, Blood Rage) is on its way in 2023.

There’s been a few Stranger Thing games before, such as Stranger Things: Eggo Card Game (2017) and Stranger Things: Attack of the Mindflayer (2022) but they’ve been quite mass market type affairs, where as this game, titled Stranger Things: Upside Down seems to be the first real attempt to make a game that is going to appeal to hobbyist board gamers.

It comes from one of the largest and most successful studios in the board gaming space, and from a renowned designer, so it’s hard not to be excited. CMON are known for their lavish and high quality productions, so I’m keen to see what they will do with it.

The game was announced on The Dice Tower’s Summer Spectacular, and you can watch it in the video below (the announcement begins at 1:15:00)

One of the best pieces of the news from the announcement is that the game is going straight to retail: there will be no crowd funding campaign followed by a lengthy wait. Hopefully that stands as an indication that CMON are confident that the game will do well at retail.

It’s a game that I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on, and I’ll be sure to post about it more as more information becomes available.

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