What’s the best Stranger Things board game?

So, you’ve watched Stranger Things and now you’re looking for a board game which captures that feeling. What are your options? I thought it’d be fun to find out.

TALES FROM THE LOOP – Set in the 80’s, this game sees you investigating strange goings on in a small town. Does it feel like Stranger Things? Not really. It’s set in Sweden, so there’s little in the way of the American 80’s nostalgia seen in the show. The scenarios mostly revolve around robots and there’s no monsters. Beyond it being kids in the 80s, there’s not much there in the way of Stranger Things vibes here.

Stranger Things rating: 2 / 10

OUT OF THIS WORLD – Even though it’s ostensibly set in the 90s, I think this game wears its influences on its sleeve (if that’s not a Demogorgon on the cover I don’t know what is). Does it feel like Stranger Things? A little. The gameplay sees you playing various combinations of items to overcome supernatural challenges, plus there’s kids and a walky-talky. The theme doesn’t come out too much in gameplay, but it’s not bad.

Stranger Things rating: 5 / 10

THE SNALLYGASTER SITUATION – If you’re looking for Stranger Things: the board game, this is a good option. Clearly influenced by the show (and the show’s influences, like the work of Stephen King), it has monsters from other dimensions, kids on bikes in small town America, kids with psychic powers and government agents in vans. It’s not without its flaws, but it captures the Stranger Things feelings well.

Stranger Things rating: 8 / 10


If you play ARKHAM HORROR – THE CARD GAME, there’s a fan-made scenario based on the first series of Stranger Things. You can play as Chief Hopper, Joyce, Nancy, Jonathan or Dustin, Lucas and Mike. The scenario is packed with locations, characters and situations from the show. If you don’t mind a bit of DIY print and play action, this is a great choice. You can find the scenario here.

Stranger Things rating: 10 / 10


When I posed this question on Instagram, people made a few more suggestions, namely Greenville 1989 and InBetween, both of which I think sound really interesting.


Though there’s been a few official Stranger Things games, such as Stranger Things – Attack of the Mind Flayer, I think a lot of people have been waiting for a game with a bit more bite. Hopefully that’ll come in 2023 when CMON release Stranger Things – The Upside Down. I cover the announcement of that game here, so be sure to check that out.


Stranger Things conjures a rich and intoxicating world with its mix of the supernatural and 80’s nostalgia, and that is a compelling thing to want to explore on the tabletop. Though there is no perfect solution yet, hopefully this post has given you some options to help scratch that itch.

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