An interview with a content creator: FavouriteFoe

I chat to the brilliant FavouriteFoe about her time in the board gaming hobby, her time as a content creator and how she got started with it all.

Dice In The Dark: Hi FavouriteFoe, thanks for being here today. Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself: who are you and what do you do?

FavouriteFoe: Hi Mark! Thank you for inviting me! Well, I think my life description would probably read; mummy, wife, lawyer, board game addict, hobby farmer, failed pianist, and daydream writer!

DITD: How did you first get involved with the world of tabletop gaming?  Do you have any particularly fond memories from that time?

FF: I didn’t play board games when I was young – playing Cluedo as an only child sucked! Haha. But on my honeymoon, my husband and I were stuck on a ship in the middle of a storm and it was a big trigger for my anxiety. So, whilst the waves crashed outside, we explored inside and found a room full of folks playing Rummikub. Having managed to keep the tiles on the table (just about!),  I fell down the board gaming rabbit hole and I have no intention of coming back out!

DITD: Wow, what an introduction to the world of gaming! That all sounds very epic indeed!

Images from @favouritefoe

DITD: What are some of your favourite games? What do you love about them?

FF: Ooh this is such a hard question to answer! My favourite game depends on my mood and who I am playing with. But I suppose that is in fact what I love about board games. The variety of themes, mechanics, atmospheres, and pace means that I can always find a game that is the perfect fit for me at that time.

DITD: How did you get started with the world of board game content creation?

FF: My day job is quite intense, and I wanted a creative outlet that would not just help me, but also help me let others know about our amazing, technicolour hobby and community that gives me so much joy. As I definitely have a face made for radio rather than video, I applied to Zatu Games to write for their excellent game blog. After that, I dipped a toe into Instagram and loved its positivity and focus on sharing board gaming photographs and experiences. And finally, I was writing so much about games that my husband suggested I set up a website as a sort of permanent, virtual memory book.

Images from @favouritefoe

DITD: Have there been any particular highlights from your time as a content creator?

FF: I think meeting so many talented, kind, generous and gentle people through being a part of the creator side of our community is the biggest high. Designers, publishers, creators gamers – everyone wants the same thing; to spread the joy that is board gaming. Having virtual friendships that step over the line into real-life has been amazing. Also seeing other creators use my website as a place to share their own content has been a really wonderful experience. That they trust me to safeguard their work is very special.

DITD: You recently had an article published in the official Gen Con* magazine. What was that experience like? (*Gen Con is the largest tabletop gaming convention in North America).

FF: It was amazing! The lovely team at Lookout Spiele needed some content and reached out and it was an instant yes from me! I don’t think I will ever make it to Gen Con in person but being able to share my experiences and let folks over there know about the puzzly powerhouse that is Patchwork was brilliant! 

Images from @favouritefoe

DITD: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into board game content creation?

FF: Find what you love most about our hobby and focus on that. If you are passionate about something, that energy and enthusiasm will run through everything you create. And it works like a feedback-loop; the more you put in and enjoy what you’re doing, the more you and others will get out.

DITD: What plans do you have for the future?

FF: Well, my son who is 7 is now getting into board game content creation, so I might have to retire soon! He is so enthusiastic, and he amazes me more every single day (I know I’m biased but I’m allowed to be!) haha. Seriously, I love what I do as part of our community, so I will keep gaming, writing, posting, sharing, and encouraging others to play the games they love (and maybe help introduce them to some new favourites along the way!).

DITD: Where can people find you on the web?

FF: They can find me at or over on Instagram and Facebook under @favouritefoe

DITD: Just for fun, what would you say is the greatest movie of all time, and what makes it so great?

FF: Die Hard. I don’t think I need to say any more Haha!

DITD: Great choice! Thanks for chatting with me today FavouriteFoe, it’s been a pleasure.

FF: It has been wonderful chatting to you and thank you again for inviting me!

From her excellent reviews to her interviews with big name game designers and publishers, FavouriteFoe is a very special person in the board gaming community. I heartily encourage you to check out what she does if you haven’t already.

A huge thank you again to FavouriteFoe for chatting to me, it was a real treat.

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